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Hospice Centre for Hospice Agencies

Your complete hospice care and management web-based software solution anytime, anywhere, for your entire hospice organization

Built for hospice agencies and follows the hospice workflow

Data Soft Logic's Hospice Centre is here to improve your efficiencies and increase your profits

Seamless Data Entry

Effective Symptom Management

Simple & Customizable Templates

Readily Available Formula

Powerful Interactive Calendar & Profile

Extensive IDT - IDG Tools

Dynamic & Updated POC

Robust Bereavement Capabilities

Non - Covered Items Addendum Generation

Hospice Centre Across United States

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Hospice Centre as Your Intelligent Care Partner

Seamless Data Entry

Patient Intake & Admission

Hospice Centre provides a seamless patient intake and admission process. With our Olympus Cloud integration, you can readily check a new or existing patient’s eligibility in just a few clicks. Our Intake Wizard allows for comprehensive but easy to fill out patient data with for readmissions or previous non-admitted patients’ data automatically repopulated for your convenience.
Eligibility Check
  • Patient not in the system
  • Search for Existing Patient
Intake Wizard (New Intake)
  • New Patient
  • Existing Patient

Effective Symptom Management

Wound Note Creation

With Hospice Centre, creating wound notes has never been made easier. You can easily drag and drop numbers to identify wound locations on a patient’s virtual body and input wound details such as measurement, drainage, and pain level. You can also view existing and resolved wounds at a glance through photos and graphs and attach supporting documents. With our wound note features, your agency can effectively manage and treat your patients’ wound symptoms.
Create Wound Note
Wound Profile & Tracking

Simple & Customizable Templates

Order Creation

As an order-driven software, Hospice Centre ensures physician orders are authenticated and approved prior to a patient’s admission, treatment, or discharge. We make the order creation process simple by providing readily available order templates that comply with standardized verbiage. You can also choose to customize your own templates which can be added to your electronic library
Search Patient
View Patient Chart
Certification Period

Readily Available Visit Notes

Visit Notes

With Hospice Centre’s simple steps to creating visit notes and other notes, your staff can conveniently complete their tasks even on the go.  Can choose from numerous of readily available visit note templates in the system which run across all disciplines. Also available to you are SmartNotes which are supplemental documentation with intelligent behaviors in addition to the standard visit notes such as continuous care flowsheets, death reports, discharge/transfer summaries, and safety guidelines, among others. All of these can then be electronically signed, locked, and automatically sent to QA for review.
Visit Notes Creation and Completion
  • Search Patient
  • Patient Chart
  • Calendar
  • Visit Note
    Visit Notes Completion in Task     Workflow
  • Visit and Other Notes
  • Create Visit Notes
Other Notes Completion
  • Certification Period
  • Calendar
  • Patient Transfer Summary

Convenient & Efficient Forms Integration

Initial Comprehensive Assessment & Hospice Item Set Completion

The documentation process is made more convenient by Hospice Centre by enabling users to simultaneously fill out the Nursing Comprehensive Assessment (NCA) & Hospice Item Set (HIS). To easily distinguish between the two, NCA items are shaded. If you prefer to fill them out separately, you can do so, too. Once filled completed, the software can validate data entered to check for errors, and inconsistencies and only when they are free of errors are you allowed to submit.
Patient Chart
Initial Care Plan Problems Identification
Prognosis Guidelines (LCD Pages)
Summary, Plan/Support Diagnosis

Extensive IDT Tools

Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Completion

With Hospice Centre’s extensive IDT/IDG module which includes  schedules, care plan problems and interventions, medication orders, current and updated diagnoses, and assigned disciplines and physicians, your care team has all the tools you need to deliver quality patient care.
IDT Schedule
Care Plan Problems
Medication Orders

Dynamic & Updated POC

Initial Plan of Care (IPOC) Creation and Completion

Hospice Centre is a care plan-centric software solution with an emphasis on compliance augmentation by providing problem-related
interventions. When creating an initial plan of care, care plan problems automatically flow forward from the NCA-HIS. With the software’s Copy Most Recent feature, you can ensure that updates and changes are consistently reflected in your plan of care. Hospice Centre also allows for the document to be electronically sent to the physician for  signature and once signed, the IPOC will be marked as received for easier monitoring and tracking.
Create Plan of Care
Patient Chart
  • Initial Orders of Plan Care
  • Advance Directive and Care Plan Problems
  • Certification of Terminal Illness (CTI)
Medication Orders

Robust Bereavement Capabilities

Bereavement Module

Hospice Centre has the most robust bereavement module in the industry with its calendar auto-plotting, template customization, interventions, and risk assessment capabilities.
Bereavement Recipients
Contact Information
Bereavement Calendar
   View Details of Bereavement    Recipients
Bereavement Assessment Form

Improved Team Collaboration

Collaboration Notes Creation

Hospice Centre recognizes  your agency may have other needs outside of the usual scope. As such, we  developed the Collaboration Note to help you record and track events such as complaints, missed visits, physician changes, collaboration requests, and updates to the care plan. With this feature, you can achieve greater agency collaboration.
Search Patient
Patient Chart
Certification Period
Collaboration Notes

What Clients Say About Their DSL Experience

Data Soft Logic's software is highly detailed yet easy to use. Their representatives are professional, friendly, and extremely helpful. They are quick to address any question or concern you may have. All in all, Data Soft Logic's Software and Agents have been a wonderful addition to our team.

Procare Hospice, Inc.

I came into this company knowing nothing about DSL or Hospice Centre. Now I find myself  navigating it fairly easily on my own. It is very straightforward and easy-to-use. I can consolidate all information into one software that is accessible to everyone. DSL has also been so amazing about checking in with us and making sure we know they are there for us should we need them.

Thank you DSL and to its team!

Red Hearts Hospice
Los Angeles, California

Data Soft Logic provides a user-friendly hospice software. They provide GREAT customer service and technical support.

DSL continues to modify their software to keep abreast of the most up-to-date regulations.

Pinnacle Hospice Care, LLC
Los Alamitos, California

Our experience with DSL Hospice Centre has been amazing and incredible. The system and service has been outstanding.

Our agency is more compliant now and in a better place than before.

Noble Hospice
Maze, Arizona

I liked the simplicity of the system. I find it easy-to-use. DSL's Hospice Centre is far superior than all other software I used in the past ten years of experience in hospice care.

I highly recommend this software to other hospice agencies.

A Plus Hospice
Sacramento, California

We were looking for the easiest and most efficient Hospice software when a CHAP surveyor recommended DSL to me. The customer support is exceptional. It was what we were looking for in a Hospice EMR, easy to navigate and understand. It really improves workflow when the software is working with you and not against you. I would HIGHLY recommend DSL to any Hospice company looking stream line their operation.

Hummingbird Hospice
Phoenix, Arizona

DSL has always been reliable and helpful to our hospice needs. From strict file-keeping to their helpful customer service, we are always assured that the task will be done thoroughly and efficiently. I have been a satisfied user for 4 years. In my opinion, the best part of their service is their never-ending desire to improve and to grow as a team, updating any bugs and/or upgrading any part of their already-superb software. So as loyal as their team and their system has been to us, we know that we will be relying and be loyal to them as well for years to come.

Bright Light Hospice

Canoga Park, California

DSL Hospice Centre is the embodiment of simplicity and efficiency in a hospice EMR. Innovative approaches to mundane tasks shows the intelligence of the software in making our jobs easier, our work smarter, and our activities more productive.

DSL's Hospice Centre is the necessary tool you need in your agency arsenal to ensure your business thrives.

Bright Haven Hospice
Rancho Cucamonga, California

The DSL program for our Hospice company and our employees have all raved about the ease of use of the portal; as well as, the prompt response of the customer service representatives of DSL. Whenever there is an issue with the program or an understanding gap, the representatives have been consistently patient, kind, and, most importantly, knowledgeable in breaching that gap.

Any hospice company would be remiss if they do not utilize this program!

Access Hospice

Woodland Hills, California

One thing we can truly say that DSL has perfected is their dedicated Customer Service and and Teaching Webinar series.

Their aim is to really educated and equip hospice users like us so we are not only subscribers of the software but are active partners in ensuring optimum delivery of compassionate services and uphold regulation-based practices.

Wellspring Hospice
Tarzana, California

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Sure. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime by shifting to Lite plan.

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Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The money paid for the previous subscription will be recalculated to the new plan.

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Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your pay period.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer 17% discount for payment per year. There may be other temporary discounts, check for this inside the service.

Can I request a refund?

Sure, you will be welcome to request your refund within 14 days of subscribing to any paid plan.

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