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Home Health Centre for Home Health Agencies

A comprehensive, highly intuitive, and user - friendly software solution accessible anytime, anywhere for your home health agency

Delivers innovative, customer-centric, and compliance - augmenting solutions designed for your home health workflow

Built by professionals, trusted by clinicians, and successfully used by over 600 agencies nationwide

Batch Billing

Effective Symptom Management

Simple & Customizable Templates

Readily Available Formula

Powerful Interactive Calendar & Profile

Extensive IDT - IDG Tools

Dynamic & Updated POC

Robust Bereavement Capabilities

Non - Covered Items Addendum Generation

Home Health Centre Across United States

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Functions and Features

Seamless Data Entry

Patient Intake & Admission

With Home Health Centre’s Intake Wizard, the patient intake and admission process is made seamless by allowing your agency to input patient information and check for eligibility in a matter of a few minutes.
Eligibility Check
  • Patient not in the system
  • Search for Existing Patient
Intake Wizard (New Intake)
  • New Patient
  • Existing Patient

Effective Symptom Management

Wound Note Creation

With Home Health Centre, creating wound notes has never been made easier. You can easily drag and drop numbers to identify wound locations in a patient’s virtual body and input wound details such as measurement, drainage, and pain level. You can also view existing and resolved wounds at a glance through photos and graphs and attach supporting documents. With our wound note features, your agency can effectively manage and treat your patients’ wound symptoms.
Create Wound Note
Wound Note
Complete Wound Note

Simple & Customizable Templates

Order Creation

As an order-driven software, Home Health Centre ensures that physician orders are authenticated and approved prior to a patient’s admission, treatment, or discharge. We make the order creation process simple by providing readily available order templates that comply with standardized verbiage. You can also choose to customize your own templates which can be added to your electronic library.
Search Patient
View Patient Chart
Certification Period

Readily Available Visit Notes

Visit Notes

With Home Health Centre’s simple steps to creating visit notes and other notes, your staff can conveniently complete their tasks even on the go. You can choose from hundreds of readily available visit note templates in the system which run across all disciplines. If you prefer your own, we can make electronic versions for you to be saved in your notes library. You can also create other notes other than visit notes such as continuous care flowsheets, death reports, discharge/transfer summaries, and safety guidelines, among others. All of these are then electronically signed, locked, and automatically sent to QA for review.
Visit Notes Creation and Completion
  • Search Patient
  • Patient Chart
  • Calendar
  • Visit Note
Visit Notes Completion in Task Workflow
  • Visit and Other Notes
  • Create Visit Notes
Other Notes Completion
  • Certification Period
  • Calendar
  • Patient Transfer Summary

Compliant OASIS Completion

OASIS Completion and Subimission

Home Health Centre’s OASIS feature augments your agency’s compliance by eliminating manual interventions through its built-in pre-fill mechanism. Patients’ information is carried over from admission documents and other records and validation errors are shown to notify you of any items or inconsistencies in the OASIS. The module also comes with other compliance augmenting features such as the PPS calculator, OASIS audits, Fall Risk and Hospital Risk Assessments, and many more.

Dynamic Update and Updated POC

Plan of Care (POC) Creation and Completion

Same with the OASIS, Home Health Centre’s Plan of Care (POC) helps your agency stay compliant through pre-fill and look - up data capabilities which carry over data from previous records (e.g. OASIS and admission documents). Updates and changes are consistently reflected in your plan of care through the software’s Copy Most Recent feature. Ongoing tasks for the POC are also shown as alerts along with other pending items, ensuring that your place of care is not only updated but also accurate and complete.


Collaborative Patien Visits

Pathway Tab

With Home Health Centre’s Pathways Tab, your agency can provide an efficient communication channel between your clinicians and care staff on the field. The Pathways Tab is integrated into each patient’s record to let clinicians supply instructions and teachings to the care staff every time they visit a patient. The system also allows the care staff to respond to the instructions resulting in more collaborative patient visits.

Clinical Instruction
Carestaff Response

Immediate Staff Rseponse

Vital Sign Alert

Home Health Centre’s Vital Signs Alert enables your agency to quickly respond to emergency situations through regularly monitoring your patients’ vital statistics. Your agency’s assigned care staff and physician will be immediately alerted and contacted in any shift in patients’ stats based on changes between previous records and recent visit notes.
Patient Summary
Plan of Care - Parameters
Visit Note

Permission Based Access

Security Setup

Protect the confidentiality and integrity of your patients’ data through Home Health Centre’s permission - based Security Setup. This feature enables your agency to create users and roles and set up permissions or rules per role. You can also limit your staff’s access according to patients, location, date, and time, ensuring that you stay compliant with HIPAA Security Rules.

User Creation
Roles Creation
Rule Assignment to Role

Integrated Billing System

Medicare and Private Billling Submission

With Home Health Centre’s integrated billing system for both Medicare and private billings, you can easily generate claims through a simple step by step process of drafting, batching, and submitting claims. You are also notified of any issues or errors in your claims, making sure that you only submit accurate and complete claims for faster and easier reimbursement.

Draft Claim
Batch Claims
Submit Claims

Paperless Agency Workflow

Collaboration Notes Creation

Home Health Centre promotes a paperless agency workflow through its electronic signature capabilities. Your designated clinicians and staff can affix their e-signatures in documents such as the OASIS, visit notes, plan of care, physician orders, communication notes, etc. The system also allows co-signing for stricter internal controls with the document directly sent to the physician or QA after e-signing.

Visit Notes
Plan of Care
Physician's Order
Telephone Communication Note
Othe Notes
Medication Profile Reconciliation

Safe Medication Administration

Drug Interaction Checker

With Home Health Centre, you can be assured that correct and safe medications are administered to your patients with our Drug Interaction feature. This allows agencies to easily and conveniently check available drugs’ data and the possible reactions to them.
Medication Profile
Plan of Care
Physician Order
Professional Nursing

What Clients Say About Their DSL Experience

I have no previous home health experience, and so when I was first put in front of the screen and asked to use Home Health Centre and write my first doctor's order, I was a little skeptical as to how user-friendly the software would be. But luckily, once I got in front of the screen, I can say that the Home Health Centre is easy to navigate.

Corinthian Home Health
Reseda, California

Software is easy to use and has relevant clinical and financial tools relevant in running an agency. Efficiently designed, Data Soft Logic makes our life easier in terms of compliance.
Great software to have.

ALEXNortheast Billing Group
Anahem, California

We are a new HHA and we evaluated multiple software vendors.Home Health Centre was by far the best value. They don't charge extra for the add-ons, it's all-inclusive.

JOHNYABS Home Health, Inc.
San Diego, California

DSL has met every expectation I have had to date. I appreciate the kindness generated by the DSL team. The quality of their product is superior and has made it easy to grow our home health service. Flexible system access from anywhere on the planet. Excellent customer service.  Every tough point at DSL is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

LORILIBright Sky Home Health Care, Inc.
Redlands, California

Being in HR really, there's a lot of paperwork. Every day there's a pile of paperwork.
But with DSL software, it's really helping me a lot. At the end of the day, I'm able to get all the data in the system and I'm so happy that everything is organized.

CARLA NUGPOHR Director - Vanura Home Health
Rancho Cucamonga, California

We love that DSL Home Health Centre is user-friendly. It's straightforward that even our non-computer-savvy employees and clinicians did not have a hard time learning and transitioning. It's easy to navigate which makes quarterly reports, annual reports, financial reports, and any other administrative reporting faster. We love that there is always someone from the DSL Team that answers our queries, concerns and even checks on us once a week to know should there be anything to troubleshoot.

MIKKO SERRANOBio Home Health & Hospice
Chino Jills, California

Datasoft Logic has been a critical partner of Pristine Home health in compliance efforts with the ever changing CMS regulations and JCAHO accreditation requirements. Our trust with Datasoft Logic is a result of excellent performance and customer support that enabled us to establish and maintain efficient daily operations. They are the gold standard of EMRs for Home health and the only one that has implemented a fully functional HR and payroll system that their competition cannot even come close to. Excellent EMR with excellent people behind them

JESS MORALDEPristine Home Health
Burbank, California

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